Driving Steel-V (6th November 2014)

Pattaya, Thailand

The 5th edition of Driving Steel goes international to Pattaya, Thailand. Thailand which is the one of the leading R&D, manufacturing Auto-hub of Asia Pacific resonates with the theme selected for this year’s Driving Steel “Innovation in Automotive Steels – 2025 perspective”.

The discussions will be based on future material needs for automotive industry, weight reduction, passenger safety, future technologies like 3rd Generation Steel (Advanced high strength steel – AHSS), new coating and forming techniques. Please save your dates for 5th – 7th Nov’14 to have a front row seat to “Re-engineering tomorrow”.

Conference Agenda
Speaker Organisation Topic of Presentation
Bill Russo Gao Feng Advisory Towards a Green Automotive Industry Preview
Dr Tim Leverton Tata Motors Ltd Automotive Steel – An emerging market viewpoint Preview
Peter Marcus World Steel Dynamics "Auto-body Warfare" : Aluminium vs Steel
M Takahashi Toyota Motors Automotive Steel scenario present & future
Dr Bruno Cooman POSTECH, Korea Current trends in R&D for automotive steel Preview
Carlos Lopes Maxion Wheels Future of Automotive Wheel materials
Dr Yeonseung Jung POSCO, Korea Recent Developments of POSCO Automotive steels and Application Preview
Yasuharu Kojima NIPPON STEEL (NSSMC) Advancement of flat steel products for automotive application Preview
Dr MatthijsToose Tata Steel Europe Advanced Outer Panel Solutions
NicoLangerak Tata Steel Europe Steel in competition with alternative materials Preview